8 Actors Who Could Play Joel and Ellie

You may not agree with some of his character’s policies, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan knows a thing or two about how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world from his time spent on The Walking Dead as Negan. Morgan portrays Negan as a bit of a loudmouth on TWD, but there’s a quieter, more reserved side to him that you can see in shows like Supernatural as Sam and Dean’s dad, and even Starz’s crime series, Magic City, where he plays another enigmatic father figure who makes questionable choices. Morgan appears to be drawn to these thematically darker roles, but he’s always able to bring out some charm in his characters no matter how despicable they might be. Joel definitely has some redeeming qualities, but before his journey with Ellie begins, you wouldn’t necessarily call him a good guy. (If HBO wanted to go for someone slightly younger for Joel, we’d also vote for Morgan’s Supernatural co-star and on-screen son, Jensen Ackles, who is equally adept at channeling that blend of

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