ROIDMI EVE Plus: με λειτουργία συλλογής απορριμμάτων – επιτέλους!

Την ROIDMI σαν εταιρία την γνωρίζουμε εδώ και λίγα χρόνια σαν θυγατρική της Xiaomi, σε προϊόντα Smart Home, καθαρισμού σπιτιών, οικιακών συσκευών κ.α. Η Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus είναι η νεότερη – και πιο έξυπνη – σκούπα ρομπότ της εταιρίας και τα νιντζάκια μας την εντόπισαν σε δυνατή προσφορά όπως πάντα – αποκλειστικά για εσάς.


ROIDMI EVE Plus- Κύρια χαρακτηριστικά

  • Smart Dust Collection
  • After cleaning, it will automatically empty the dust bin and pack the dust when it is full.
  • It also has an original ozone antibacterial and deodorizing technology, while avoiding dirty hands and odor.
  • LDS Laser Navigation
  • The 4th generation ultra-sensitive LDS lidar can quickly scan the entire house and automatically draw a map through the SLAM algorithm, and its accuracy is 40% higher than the previous generation.
  • Smart Map Partition
  • Through automatic recognition of artificial intelligence, map partitions can be automatically saved, and they can also be merged, set styles, and named partitions to perform cleaning in accordance with a preset order or scheduled cleaning of designated rooms.
  • Automatic Charging
  • You don’t need to worry about the entire cleaning process.
  • A low battery will automatically return to the cleaning station for charging.
  • After being fully charged, cleaning will continue immediately to avoid the loss or repeated cleaning.
  • 2cm Climbing
  • No need to worry about the threshold at home, accurately identify common obstacles and take the initiative to avoid trouble.
  • Strong Suction
  • The high-performance digital brushless motor and lane separation technology derived from ROIDMI EVE Plus bring a strong suction of 2700Pa, which can easily clean the dust, peel, and hair on the ground.
  • APP Control
  • When you are not at home, you can easily clean it, just open the ROIDMI APP, and you can remotely control it with the one-key launch.
  • Switching modes, real-time checking and searching status, complete control anytime, anywhere.


Αποκτήστε την ROIDMI EVE Plus με το κουπόνι: ROIDMIEVE στα 353€ με Germany Economy από Ευρώπη, χωρίς τελωνείο!

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