The Greatest Racing Games Ever

There was a time when you couldn’t hurl a hoverboard into a games store without knocking over a pile of futuristic racing games. F-Zero, Rollcage, Star Wars Episode I: Racer, Motorhead, Extreme-G, Jet Moto, and many more. Sadly, the further we creep into the future the fewer futuristic racing games we seem to be getting.

There’s one series in particular that hovers just above the rest, however, and that’s WipEout.

Developed by legendary Liverpudlian studio Psygnosis, the original WipEout was a European launch title for the first PlayStation. It was like nothing players had ever seen before: a punishing, high-speed rollercoaster of a racing game for the rave generation. But its follow-up, WipEout 2097 (known as WipEout XL in Japan and North America), was where this anti-grav superstar really hit its stride.

Faster and more adversarial than the original, WipEout 2097’s extensive Red Bull branding was a little naff, but its soundtrack – featuring the like

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