VIOMI S9: με αυτόματη λειτουργία συλλογής απορριμμάτων σε προσφορά!

Την Viomi σαν εταιρία την γνωρίζουμε εδώ και λίγα χρόνια σαν θυγατρική της Xiaomi, σε προϊόντα Smart Home, καθαρισμού σπιτιών, οικιακών συσκευών κ.α. Η Xiaomi VIOMI S9 είναι η νεότερη – και πιο έξυπνη – σκούπα ρομπότ της εταιρίας και τα νιντζάκια μας την εντόπισαν σε δυνατή προσφορά όπως πάντα – αποκλειστικά για εσάς.

Xiaomi VIOMI S9 – Κύρια χαρακτηριστικά

  • Dumping 2.0: the shortest duct on the market.
  • Bag capacity 3L (up to 1 month of autonomy).
  • Fully sealed dust bag to prevent allergies.
  • The automatic dust collection function can automatically empty the dirt after cleaning.
  • LED screen and App to remind you of the replacement.
  • LED screen and app for collector status.
  • LED screen and App for battery status.
  • 950W high power dust collection.

  • 950W high power provides strong suction of 2700pa, integrated sweeping & mopping,easy to collect tiny dust.
  • Battery capacity of 5200mAh,250ml large water tank(up to 220 minutes on a single charge and can clean up to 320 square meters at a time).
  • The power-driven miniature pressure tank can precisely control the spray and flow rate to avoid leakage and damage to the floor.
  • Mi Home / Xiaomi Home app.
  • LDS 2.0: maximum accuracy in obstacle measurement.
  • Laser turret with multidirectional bumper sensor.
  • Two side sensors and 4 cliff sensors.
  • Automatic pressurization on carpets / blankets.
  • 3-layer Hepa filter (long life and high efficiency).
  • Constant mop pressure.
  • Motorized electronic micro pump.
  • Washable mop.
  • Disposable mop with ultrafine fiber.
  • 3 cleaning modes (tiled floor, blanket / carpet, solid floor).
  • S and Y mopping mode.
  • Map management 3.0.
  • Multi-story map (1-5).
  • Map editing, forbidden area and virtual wall.
  • Complete daily and weekly programming, choice of suction power and quantity of water for each environment.

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